Gordon Graham - Disc 1 and 2


If you have never seen Gordon Graham speak, you are missing a huge opportunity. Mr. Graham is one of our nation's most respected speakers on a wide variety of public safety issues. Gordon's specialty is RISK MANAGEMENT. We are the only company that has been allowed to video tape Mr. Graham's Public Safety Responder, 9-1-1 communications, public safety specific lecture. For those that own our earlier version, this set is in "chapters" like any DVD so you can watch small segments or the entire lecture. It was taped in front of a live audience of public safety dispatchers, police officers, firefighters and medics in Mr. Graham's home state of California. It is the most current DVD set available. You also get access to the 37 page hand-out for free with purchase. 


This is exclusive to PSTC - 911 on DVD. We are the ONLY company alowed to record and distribute Gordon Graham materials. 
THese DVD"s are appropriate for ANY public safety professional (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, 9-1-1 Communications, Emergency Management or Military Police) It is also appropriate for any level from new-hire to the Chief Executive.  


Use this DVD set for roll call, in-service training, academy training or when you are needing "process" assistance within your organization. 


Whether you have seen Gordon lecture or not, you need to have this lecture series in your library. It is a great initial training or tune-up on a wide variety of topics. Though the DVD is perfect for trainers, leads, managers and supervisors; we have heard from dozens of agencies that show 15 minutes a day to their staff with great results. If you can get the line level staff member to think about the many topics that Gordon lectures on, you are on your way to success. 


You will also receive a code that allows you to get the printed 37 page hand-out built just for this lecture. 


For more information on Gordon Graham, 911onDVD or if you have questions, please call 650-591-7911 x102 or e-mail kevin@pstc911.com  Thanks to advances in technology, we can fit almost 4 hours of training on each DVD. When you buy the 2-pack set, you save $40 and you get FREE UPS shipping! 


Topics in volume 1 include:


  1. The Hats We Wear
  2. Problems Lying in Wait
  3. Rickover Rules Pt. 1
  4. Rickover Rules Pt. 2
  5. Rickover Rules and You
  6. Recognize, Prioritize, Mobilize
  7. Organizational Risk Management
  8. High risk/Low Frequency Events Pt. 1
  9. High risk/Low Frequency Events Pt. 2


Topics in volume 2 include:


  1. 10 Steps for Issue-Rule-Apply-Conclusion(IRAC)
  2. Decision Making 
  3. 5 Root Causational Factors- B is caused by A
  4. 5 Root Causational Factors in Depth
  5. Training Component
  6. Supervisory Component
  7. Discipline Component 
  8. How Do We Train


Gordon Graham - Disc 1 and 2
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