Gordon Graham - Disc 3

If you have never seen Gordon Graham speak, you are missing a huge opportunity.  Mr. Graham is one of our nation's most respect speakers on a wide variety of public safety issues.  Gordon's specialty is RISK MANAGEMENT.  We are the only company that has been allowed to video tape Mr. Graham's 9-1-1 and communications specific lecture.

Whether you have seen Gordon lecture or not, you need to have this lecture series in your library.  It is a great initial training or tune-up on a wide variety of topics.  Though the DVD is perfect for trainers, leads, managers and supervisors; we have heard from dozens of agencies that allow 15 minutes a day to their staff with great results.  If you can get the line-level staff member to think about the many topics that Gordon lectures on, you are on your way to success.

You will also receive a code that allows you to get the printed hand-out for the lecture!

For more information on Gordon Graham, 911onDVD or if you have questions, please call 650-591-7911 x102 or email kevin@pstc911.com.

Topics in this volume include:

The majority of what we do, we do RIGHT
Prevention is better than correction
How to get in trouble
Internal intentional misconduct
Weeding out "losers"
Recruitment - hiring - retention
Internal mistakes, errors and omissions
High risk, low frequency events and more!

Gordon Graham - Disc 3
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