Medium Brown Bear Navy T with silver imprint

You will fall in love with our newest fluffy brown Teddy bear. He is so fluffy, soft, lovable and cute as heck. He is lonely and needs a home by your console, your desk or at home. His shirt says in silver imprint "9-1-1 HEROES" with a happy face in the "O". This bear is 3.8 ounces and sits 8.5" tall and his head is about 4.5" in diameter. This is a collectible bear, we only have a limited number available! This is a great gift to show appreciation for a job well done!

Medium Brown Bear Navy T with silver imprint
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  • Item #: BEAR-911-HEROES-NAV-SIL-T
  • Manufacturer: 911 CARES exclusive
  • Condition: New
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