Celebrate being a first responder with our EXCLUSIVE 2022 National Telecommunication Week Pen! 

This is a Papermate Ink Joy pen with black ink. 

This pen gets rave reviews. We sell over 1,000 on an average year and people love them. 

Experience effortless writing!

InkJoy revolutionizes the writing experience by combining the best qualities of ballpoint and gel pen technologies. InkJoy offers a wide variety of vivid colors, incredible smoothness and a fast dry-time to help avoid messy smearing. When you pick up this pen, it is not just how it writes . . . but how the pen makes you feel when you write.

Pen comes in a black sleeve. Available now for telecom week.

On sale now and we offer tiered pricing. 


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  • Item #: PEN-TC WEEK-2022
  • Manufacturer: 911 CARES exclusive
  • Condition: New
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