This is a the DVD version of the "Voices of September 11th" documentary. This is an exclusive documentary produced after the September 11th attacks. Amazing behind the scenes stories and tapes are included in this multi-chapter documentary that is 9-1-1 and dispatch specific. Think about it, many of your current staff probably were not even employed in the 9-1-1 profession 20 years ago! This is a great chance to add the "voices of September 11th" documentary to your work library. Available in VHS or DVD, this is the DVD full length 3 hour and 47 minute product.

Below is a review written by Gary Allen of Dispatch Monthly Magazine: 

The Voices of September 11th  - 3hr 47min DVD -  Public Safety Training Consultants

It is difficult to put into words the power and impact this of this project. A unique and extraordinary visual document, Kevin Willett and his partners at PSTC received unprecedented access to virtually every agency that was at the heart of the communications of September 11th, and they have spared no expense in sharing their stories with the rest of us.

More than forty 9-1-1 professionals describe their impressions of 9/11.  These were the dispatchers who remained calm while they took the worse calls of their careers or who dispatched and coordinated the most critical responses their departments have ever had.  These dispatchers were the true heart of September 11th, and PSTC has captured their personal stories in candid and intimate detail.

Supplemented by news footage, fresh images of each of the dispatch centers, and excerpts from the fire radio traffic, the video, which took more than a year to prepare and produce, documents events at the heart of September 11th in a manner hitherto unexplored.  There have been other video documentaries that detailed the perspective of firefighters as they endured September 11th, but the role of the dispatch community on September 11th has been mostly neglected in the mainstream and even the trade media.  This one has it all.

Hosted by NBC News Anchor Diane Dwyer, who sets the stage for each segment, the dispatchers of 9/11 share their stories of what they dispatched, the choices they made, and the decisions they live with.  The video is divided into eleven segments, and it's best taken in short doses.  Segments are individually timed so as to fit into briefings and in-service training sessions, and cover such ground as the phone calls taken by dispatchers in New York, Arlington, and Pennsylvania, the dispatch decisions that they made, the kinds of skills dispatchers needed to employ in order to handle those calls and make those dispatch decisions, and then the lessons that they learned from those experiences and how they coped with their various stress reactions.

Here there are lessons to be learned, there are tears to be shed, and there are professionals deserving of being honored for their efforts on 9/11.   Keep a box of Kleenex or two handy, you'll need it.  But your tears won't only be those generated by the tragedies of September 11th,  they will also be tears derived from a sense of pride for your colleagues, who stood their ground when planes and buildings were falling, and who performed their jobs in such a way that all of us who wear headsets can be proud.  We can all share in their achievements of public service on September 11th, and we can all benefit from the lessons they teach us in this remarkable video, which is an extraordinary testament to the professionalism and pride of the public safety dispatch community.


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